Easily Play Cockfighting Gambling – Easy to win the cockfighting gambling game is of course the main desire of the cockfighting gambling game bettor.

Greetings to you bettors or gambling players both offline and online. Currently, one type of offline gambling has entered online gambling which is very much in demand. Namely the online cockfighting gambling game, yes, the cockfighting gambling game has always been in great demand. So it is no wonder that when you enter into online gambling games. There are also very many enthusiasts, in other words, there are already very many players who have played it. Well, then here I will explain to you how to play online cockfighting gambling part II, previously I explained part I.

Easily Play Cockfighting Gambling

Make a Deposit with a Sufficient Nominal

After you have made a deposit on your account. Then of course your account already has a balance. Actually, to make a deposit, you should deposit a sufficient amount to play if you have the capital. Well, in my opinion, a sufficient deposit to play is a minimum of IDR 500,000. With a nominal deposit like that, then you are more confident about making bets. And you will also get enough wins too. However, if you don’t have a nominal like that, then you also don’t need to force yourself. Because I’m just suggesting it to you based on the experience I have.

Understand the terms of BDD, FTD and FDD

Then the next thing you will do is to enter the cockfighting game. you see the matches that will be played at that time. In making bets there are terms such as BDD, FTD, and FDD. You must first understand these terms, to know their meaning. You can read it in the article I made earlier which discusses the terms that come from the online cockfighting gambling game. So that you can play calmly and comfortably because you already understand these terms. So you will not be confused anymore what BDD, FTD and FDD are.

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Determining the Options to Be Selected

Then you just have to see which choice you will place, whether meron or wala. In this online cockfighting gambling game, it’s actually easy, there are only 2 choices that you have to guess, one of them. So it is not much different from the baccarat game which provides only 2 choices, namely player and banker. But every game there must be a special trick so that our partner can be right. Well, in the online cockfighting gambling game when you want to place your bet on one of the chickens. Then you have to look at the background of the chicken first. Does the chicken often win matches or not when fighting.

Seeing the Greatness of Chicken From Physical Characteristics

After that you also see from the physical characteristics it has. Because usually the cockfighting gamblers see the greatness of the chicken in terms of its physical characteristics. For example, from the body shape that has a stocky, curved spurs, thick hair and has a certain color that is considered tough. There is much more that can be assessed. For this, you can read and understand the articles I previously made. Where there I have explained how cockfighting players judge the greatness and toughness of a chicken from its physical characteristics. So that it will make it easier for you to determine the chicken that will win in the match you bet on.…